Born into a family with a Cuban high priest of Santeria as a grandfather and a mother who is a yogini, I started my spiritual journey at an early age. During my upbringing I experienced the benefits of a sattvic diet, meditation and the healing power of music and rhythms.

  After dabbling in modeling and law school for a couple of years, I found my life lacking something and decided to make my spirituality a priority.

Today I’m certified in and teach different styles of yoga in group classes, PT-sessions and to corporations. Focusing mainly on Kundalini, Restorative and Yin yoga.

I feel privileged to share my practice with others, guiding students to a place of more self awareness, flexibility and confidence.



Ra Ma institute, Venice & Mallorca

KRI level 1 teacher (220 hours)

Arhanta yoga academy, Khajuraho

Yin yoga teacher training (50 hours)

Yogayama, Stockholm

Teacher training (200 hours)